Positive Sh*t That Happened to Me

So, most of my friends struggle with anxiety in one form or another. Several of my friends have actually been diagnosed with anxiety disorders. I myself don’t struggle with this sort of thing often, so I could very well be talking out of my ass here.

Currently, one of my closest friends, we’ll call her Brittany, is having some issues with this kind of stuff. She and I talk about all our shit: money shit, boy shit (or in this lucky broad’s case, relationship shit), school shit, future shit, etc. I really feel for her, and I know how hard it can be when you’re in that anxious sort of mood to see past your issues. You’re sort of always missing the forest for the trees, and the forest isn’t a forest, but the massive clusterfuck you believe your life is undoubtedly becoming.

With Brittany in mind, I’ve decided that I’m going to make an effort to avoid doing that, and hopefully the rest of you readers will try to avoid that as well—all six of you! In order to achieve that end, I’m going to try to start posting a weekly Positive Shit That Happened to Me post. Who knows how often this will actually be accomplished, because in negative shit that I create for myself, I am the worst about procrastinating and none of my attempts at a regular series of blog posts about a certain topic have so far stuck. But here’s to hoping!

So, rules. None of the big stuff. I’m not going to talk about the really great stuff that happens to me—the job offers, the marriage proposals, the trips to Milan—because I don’t think it’s hard for people to appreciate that sort of thing. No, I mean the little stuff, the stuff that you might not appreciate because your mind won’t let you take your attention off the thousands of negative little occurrences in life. This is for appreciating the good stuff, for encouraging you to appreciate the good stuff, for realizing that no matter what is going on, there is always some good stuff in life. This is to say, hold onto those little good things hard, no matter how tiny they may appear. Sometimes they’re the only anchor we have.

1. I washed my car

So, today for the first time in literal years I washed my car. You guys, I feel really good about that. Like, it shouldn’t have felt that good. I feel like how I imagine those people on Hoarders must feel once they can finally see their carpet again. I’m not exactly certain how they feel because I cannot handle that show and thus have never seen a full episode of it, but it’s what I imagine they feel. Just relief and accomplishment and fucking finally.

I even did like the little brushy thing and the pre-soak and the spot-free rinse (which judging by the massive goddamn blotches on my windshield is ineffective, so thanks for taking my extra dollar you schemin’ motherfuckers). It doesn’t look as great as it did when I got it (there’s some dents and dings and paint scrapes and my rear fender kinda looks like a picture that’s been bent and then straightened out again), but it looks so much better and I feel so much better.

2. A guy complimented my car

You guys, I shit you not, as I’m pulling out of the car wash and onto the road, windows down (because no A/C and that shit sucks SO bad, but positive thoughts!!!),  a guy pulls up next to me in his silver van-type thing. I know because I remember making eye contact and thinking he’s cute. His windows are up, but he literally rolls them down to compliment me on my car.

Fifteen seconds after leaving the car wash! You guys, God is real and He rewards those who wash their fucking Mitsubishis.

“That’s a great car! What year is it?” yells confident, attractive hottie with his sunglasses tilted down his nose like the hot love interest in an 80’s high school movie.

“Thank you! 2008!” I say, all golly jee like the nerdy girl in the same 80’s movie.

(Except I’m pretty sure the nerdy girl in that movie didn’t have sweat pouring down her face from a lack of A/C. Or a penis. But I digress)

“It’s a great looking car,” he says again, smiles, and rolls up his window.

Literally, where is fucking Tom Cruise when you need him? Except stay away Tom Cruise you weird me out.

I felt so validated by this exchange. It was like the universe was saying, “Yes, you dumb twat! Wash your car and cute men will immediately talk to you.” Of course, right after this, his car slows down and I have to pass him or look weirdly stalker-ish, and I’m pretty bummed because that means he’s going to see the back of my car, which looks like shit, not just the one angle that actually looks decent. But positive thoughts! Compliments! Feed me compliments hot men. Flattery works with me.

3. I helped Brittany wash her old car

The reason I even washed my car in the first place is because last week I helped Brittany wash hers, and it inspired me. She was giving hers away to a nice man who was down on his luck, and wanted it to look presentable for him. She brought me back into the car washing fold, which brought me compliments and inspiration for this blog post! Which will undoubtedly brighten tens of peoples’ days (just kidding, no one reads this). All because of Brittany. So that’s your positive thought Brit, if you’re reading this, you helped me in a small way, and may even help someone else. Remember that, and build up from there.

(She’s totally gonna read this because I’m going to text her in fifteen seconds and command that she read it)

In closing, I encourage everyone to try this, at least for a day, on the hardest days. Because, the thing is, it is so easy to forget that there’s a flip side. It’s so easy to see the flat tire and the shitty day at work and the stubbed toe, and so easy to forget to see the nice people who stopped to help you, the friends who cared and wanted to make your shitty day better, and the kickass shoes you were wearing while you stubbed your toe. Remember that stuff.


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